Song of the Kalahari

An animated adventure-fantasy film, Song of the Kalahari is inspired by the folklore and life-ways of the San Bushmen of Southern Africa. Created in collaboration with the Nharo and Khomani Bushmen, this film is a story of survival, ingenuity and adventure, set in the harsh, breathtaking terrain of the Kalahari desert.

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About the Project

The vision of Song of the Kalahari is to use the power of dramatic storytelling to create positive awareness about the value and relevance of the Bushmen culture, while also providing meaningful insights into the Bushmen way of life, reaching audiences worldwide through a captivating animated film.

Like most indigenous peoples worldwide, the Bushmen of Southern Africa have suffered greatly from the negative impacts of industrialization and colonization, resulting in the loss of their ancestral lands and access to natural resources, which threatens their very survival.

Created in collaboration with Kalahari Bushmen who wish to share their stories and knowledge to preserve their culture and to help others, this project seeks to impart vital wisdom that has allowed humankind to successfully live for aeons on Earth, which is now in danger of being lost— an interconnected way of being and reverence for life that is just as essential to thrive in our world today.

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We have allied with 501(c)3 charities Creative Visions, and the Nature Connection Mentoring Foundation, which allow us to receive tax deductible donations towards the implementation of this important project.

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Song of the Kalahari is fiscally sponsored by Creative Visions Foundation (CVF). CVF is a publicly supported 501c3, which supports Creative Activists who use the power of media and the arts to affect positive change in the world.

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