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Our Bushmen friends are striving to uphold their culture and traditions, against extensive social and economic pressures that devalue the millennias of experiential knowledge they have about how to thrive in the natural world.

Leave a message to let the Bushmen know that you stand in support of their traditional knowledge and right to self-determination.

We will read these greetings and messages of support to our Bushmen friends our next trip to the Kalahari.

Please remember to include the city or region you are connecting from so we can show the Bushmen that they have world wide support.

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Messages to the Bushmen

Here are some of the messages people have left for the Bushmen from around the world. We will be reading these to our Bushmen friends on our next trip to Southern Africa. Thank you for sending the Bushmen your support!

I so admire you, the knowledge you have, the wisdom you can share with the world & its people, & the strength you have to fight for your way of life to continue.

Dolores from Henderson, Nevada, USA

Praying for you Relatives to keep your sacred traditions and to be able to pass down your ceremonies to future generations. Mitakuye Oyasin (We are All Related in the Lakota language).

Evelyn from Laguna Hills, California, USA

I don’t really know what to say really. I feel we all should be learning the bushman way of living with the earth and not the other way around. My hope is there is an abundance of support and we so called ‘civilized’ people learn that it is us that are the uncivilized and the ancient teachings and knowledge is how it is suppose to be. I stand with you.

Rhonda from Guelph, Canada

Hello from the near the ocean of California! I hope to meet your people someday, and am excited to watch the film and hear your stories.

Arina from Encinitas, CA, USA

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